G20 Flagship projects

Digital Skills 4 Jobs and Income

Title of the Project:

Digital Skills 4 Jobs and Income



Geographical presence:

South Africa

Status of the project:
start date, duration:

2020 - 2024

Project website:


Geographical impact of project:


Funds available for the project:

4 Mio €

Implementation level:

in support of low income and developing countries

Description of the project
South Africa has one of the highest NEET rates (Not in Education, Employment or Training) of young and adolescent people worldwide – women are especially affected. At the same time, companies lack well-trained experts to ensure their competitiveness and capacity for growth, particularly for the digital transformation and the future of work. Therefore, this project targets young South Africans (14-35 years) and focuses explicitly on young women and girls. It promotes labour market relevant digital competencies to increase their employability. More in detail, the #eSkills4Girls project aims to:

1. Improve employment perspectives for 900 young women within the scope of the digital transformation
2. Improve digital skills of 600 women in three training programs at TVET colleges
3. Constructing a female mentor’s network with female executives and role models
4. Provide access to demand-orientated skills development through supporting 2000 young people in selected innovative, non-formal training measures
5. Foster the improvement of recruitment policies of 150 medium-sized companies by supporting 500 HR specialists in the introduction and implementation of new, gender-sensitive approaches to identify applicants with the company’s digital skills in demand

Area of focus of the project:
– Focus on South African Youth (aged 14 to 35 years)
– Improve employment perspective for young women
– Improve digital skills of women
– Develop female mentorship network
– Improve companies’ recruitment policies