Gender data

  • Support and conduct robust, reliable, accurate and up-to-date research concerning women and girls’ access to and use of the Internet to better understand the needs, circumstances and preferences of women and girls in different contexts and the factors enabling and limiting women and girls’ access to and use of the Internet (including cultural and social norms).

  • Analyse gender considerations in public and private sector policies in relation to ICT.

  • Publish gender-disaggregated data in a safe and secure manner and within the limits of data protection requirements/ privacy considerations.


Research approaches



Research focus

  • Research and document the ways in which men and women from diverse population segments are impacted by affordability issues and publish the findings in policy-maker and user-friendly formats.

  • Research digital literacy barriers to using the Internet by women and girls’ and approaches to increasing digital literacy and confidence in actively using the Internet including among women and girls across all levels of education, income and familiarity with ICT and the Internet and share findings with stakeholders.