The Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age - EQUALS

EQUALS – The Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age – was founded in 2016 by five partners: The International Telecommunications Union, UN Women, the International Trade Centre, GSMA and the United Nations University.


The partnership works to reverse the increasing digital gender divide, and to close the gap by 2030 – supporting UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 by empowering women through their use of information and communication technologies. An action plan of data gathering, knowledge sharing and advocacy strengthening drives the EQUALS network partnership. To date, approximately 60 organisations including governments, companies and NGOs have joined EQUALS. The members work together in four coalitions: access, leadership, skills and research.

Germany, together with UNESCO, leads the skills coalition. Coalition actions include developing principles, guidelines and good practices for gender-transformative skills training and evaluation. In 2018, the Coalition launched a Digital Skills Fund that provides financial resources to local initiatives providing gender-sensitive skills training across countries in the Global South.

See here for more information on EQUALS and the work of the coalitions.