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Women going digital – Qualifications for women as a gateway into the digital sector

Title of the Project:

Women going digital – Qualifications for women as a gateway into the digital sector



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Status of the project:
start date, duration:

01/2018 – 03/2022

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Funds available for the project:

80,000 €

Implementation level:

in support of low income and developing countries

Description of the project

„Women going Digital“ is the principal objective of an online course developed by the German-Brazilian Chamber of Industry and Commerce São Paulo in cooperation with local NGOs and the German tech-companies SAP, GFT and Siemens. The educational program fosters women, who aspire to be working in the digital sector. It provides an introduction into the digital world, conveying the relevant contents that are requested on the labour market, including (I) the basic module „Digital Thinkers“, as well as the (II) expert module „Digital Tools“. The qualification is offered parallel in Brazil and Mozambique.

The project is laid out for approximately 80 to 100 women. Most of the participants will be based in Brazil. However, course contents at both locations are the same: Module (I) transfers complementary and generic competencies, such as skills to process and constructively use information, including i.e. Blockchain, Cloud or Digital Marketing. Expert ICT-competencies, for example Java GFT or Business One are offered in the advanced module (II). New expert modules can easily be added, so the structure is flexible for new companies that want to take part in the project. External expert advisors are continuously accompanying the modules with intensive mentoring via chat or Skype as a measurement to reduce drop-out rates. It has been noticed, that less women drop out if their questions are being answered directly and competently during the training, therefore the organizers are planning on implementing this mentoring also in module (I). An online platform allows easy accessing, managing and updating of the course content as well as a space for peer reviews and discussion.

For the female target group, the online training may serve as an entry qualification into the IT-Sector and simultaneously can tackle the lack of expert workers in the IT sector in Brazil and Mozambique. To assist the women in the program in finding employment after successful completion of the training, the chamber is further planning a matchmaking event between employers and participants after module (I).

The project aims to enable women´s employability in the IT sector.

Area of Focus of the Project

  • Supporting young women to get their IT career started
  • Creating a pool of young female talent for the Brazilian and Mozambique tech sector