G20 Flagship projects

Palestine Startup Support Program (PASS)

Title of the Project:

Palestine Startup Support Program (PASS)



Geographical presence:

West Bank and Gaza, Palestinian Territories

Status of the project:
start date, duration:

2015 - 2019

Project website:


Geographical impact of project:


Funds available for the project:

7 Mio $

Implementation level:

in support of low income and developing countries

Description of the project:

The project is aimed at supporting sustainable economic growth by supporting Palestinian start-up ecosystems. This project promotes non-regular coding education, establishment of ICT social enterprises, and start-up support programmes through the creation of joint funds. For the successful implementation of this project, KOICA is working closely with Korean start-up support organizations, Palestinian local companies such as Paltel, and international organizations such as UNRWA. Although this programme does not only consider women as beneficiaries, it is expected to provide new opportunities for women in the project area through ICT education and start-up support.

Area of focus of the project:

  • non-formal training opportunities for women and girls in ICT (coding schools)
  • enabling women’s entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship education, financing schemes, incubators)