G20 Flagship projects

Promote Better Quality TVET and Employment Through Upgraded Technical Tranining Centers

Title of the Project:

Promote Better Quality TVET and Employment Through Upgraded Technical Tranining Centers



Geographical presence:

Dhaka, Sylhet, Khulna / Bangladesh

Status of the project:
start date, duration:

2018 - 2022

Project website:

Geographical impact of project:


Funds available for the project:

8,5 Mio $

Implementation level:

in support of low income and developing countries

Description of the project:

First, the project will improve the quality of training programmes based on the national technical and vocational qualification framework (NTVQF):
– Development of competence-based learning materials
– Support of regional teacher training centers
– Conduct of master trainer training (trainers of trainers)
– Support of local teacher training programme (trades, pedagogy, ICT)
Second, the project will improve the labor market relevance of the training programme:
– Support industry cooperation (Bangladesh-German Technical Training Center in Dhaka)
– Support entrepreneurship programme (Bangladesh-German Technical Training Center in Dhaka, Sylhet Technical Training Center, Kuhlna Technical Training Center)
– Support job placement service

Third, the project will promote girls’ education in three Technical Training Centers;
– Provision of friendly facilities for women
– Promotion of ‘e-skills for girls’ (promote G-20 Agenda and Better Life for Girls Initiative)

Impact of the project:

4,374 students (563 girls included), 143 teachers of Technical Training Centers (male and female included)

Area of focus of the project:

  • non-formal training opportunities for women and girls in ICT (coding schools)
  • enabling women’s entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship education, financing schemes, incubators)
  • increasing the recruitment, retention and promotion of women in the ICT sector