G20 Flagship projects

Supporting the implementation of the national vocational training strategy

Title of the Project:

Supporting the implementation of the national vocational training strategy



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Status of the project:
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Funds available for the project:

2 Mio €

Implementation level:

in support of low income and developing countries

Description of the project:

The overarching objective of the project is to improve digital skills of women as part of cooperative vocational training in selected sectors. The additional skills will provide young women with access to cooperative training courses in selected sectors through innovative career guidance formats, thus bringing a gender perspective to vocational training in Morocco. In addition, strengthening the digital and soft skills of  girls as part of their vocational training should increase their employability.

The project aims to achieve three main outcomes:  

1.) Implement innovative Professional orientation formats with the private sector to encourage secondary school girls to choose a career in IT while deconstructing gender stereotypes surrounding this male-dominated sector and developing their digital literacy

2.) Improve the employability of young women enrolled in vocational schools through the design and implementation of transversal modules in ICT and Soft Skills using innovative digital solutions with a blended approach

3.) Build innovative partnerships with the private sector, secondary schools, vocational schools and public institutions.

Area of focus of the project:

  • Focusing on rural and peri-urban areas that are close to tech companies
  • Providing professional orientation for 13 to 16-year-old girls
  • Further qualifying for girls between the age of 18 and 25 who are already in TVET training to improve their future employment possibilities
  • Deconstructing gender-based stereotypes
  • Improving young girls and women computer literacy and digital skills


By the end of the project, estimated 1.500 girls will have improved their basic digital and soft skills.