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Desafío 4.0

Title of the Project:

Desafío 4.0



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Status of the project:
start date, duration:

July - October 2020

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Funds available for the project:

7,500 €

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Description of the procject:

The project Desafío 4.0 (Challenge 4.0) is an innovative training and mentoring programme that aims to improve digital, analytical and leadership skills of young students and thereby strengthens the employability of Argentine youth, especially girls, in the digital economy. During the project students work in interdisciplinary teams of 5 to address real problems related to Industry 4.0. The programme offers specific tools and training on business development models, agile methods, creative thinking, and digital project management. Desafío 4.0 connects industrial and technology companies, e.g. Bosch, SAP, Siemens, Volkswagen, Phoenix Contact and Festo with motivated students in order to create digital solutions to challenges identified by these companies. This approach generates positive outcomes for all participants as the students get the opportunity to gain knowledge from experts, while the companies benefit from new ideas developed by the students. A future collaboration between the students and companies is also possible and aspired. This project was initiated by the German Chamber of Commerce in Argentina and funded through the EQUALS Digital Skills Fund financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The activity is part of the ExperTS-Programme of GIZ. The companies sponsor the programme partly and provide the mentors and resources if needed and possible.

Area of focus of the project:

  • Young students and apprentices with diverse educational backgrounds
  • Training and mentoring programme for digital skills development
  • 24 young women were chosen to participate in the programme in 2020. The plan is to expand the programme in 2021 with a possible cooperation with Youth Department of the Ministry of Productive Development of Buenos Aires.