G20 Flagship projects

Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors (TEGA) - being implemented by Girl Effect

Title of the Project:

Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors (TEGA) - being implemented by Girl Effect



Geographical presence:


Status of the project:
start date, duration:

June 2017 - June 2019

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Geographical impact of project:


Funds available for the project:

1.4 million AUD

Implementation level:

in support of low income and developing countries

Description of the project:

Australia is supporting the Girl Effect, a UK-based organisation, to help build young women’s leadership, voice and agency in Bangladesh through an innovative research model, Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors (TEGA). TEGA originated in Nigeria and now has networks in Rwanda and Malawi.
TEGA trains girls aged 18-24 in certified data-collection techniques and mobile technology to collect meaningful, honest data about their world, in real time. With authentic peer-to-peer insights, Girl Effect and its partners are enabled to make better informed and decisions with greater impact, placing girls’ voices at the heart of the programs that serve them and their communities. TEGA creates a new economy for girls as they become cutting edge, compensated researchers with skills, agency, confidence and economic opportunities for the future.
Australia is providing AUD1.4 million over two years to support TEGA. The activity is designed to complement existing Australian-funded programs in Bangladesh by delivering first-hand evidence from communities to enhance program monitoring and evaluation. Girl Effect will work with local partners in Bangladesh to help build a detailed evidence base for existing Australian-funded programs, and feed into future policy and program designs.
Australia’s partnership with Girl Effect will helps deliver on Australia’s commitment to enhancing women’s voice in decision-making and leadership; and promotes innovative aid investment, building on collaboration, and trialling new ideas and technology.

Impact of the project:

TEGA intends to:
• deliver improved evidence for investments to inform program design and monitoring;
• build agency and leadership for young women through strengthening voice, value and connections through new skills;
• build innovative, effective and culturally appropriate research model.

Area of focus of the project:

  • non-formal training opportunities for women and girls in ICT (coding schools)
  • increasing participation of girls in ICT studies (mentoring programmes, career counseling)
  • enabling women’s entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship education, financing schemes, incubators)